Esra Said

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Then one day, with my tea in hand and my phone for business, I sat on the balcony. What are you doing, I asked?
What exactly are you doing?

It’s either here or there.
Why not have both?
Please stop me.
Please mute me.
This tea is really hot.
It’s quite hot.
Why is the weather suffocating as well?
Where are you fleeing to, happiness?
Hey, come on in!
Why can’t it be both at the same time?
Are you serious?
Very much so,
Very much so,

Veraa, we’re heading to the playground!
Come in and change your clothing.
-No mummy, noo.
-Vera, choose one of them:
Dressing up and going to the playground.
Or being naked and staying at home!

Why can’t it be both at the same time?
Why is this so?
Are we still kids?